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Notes to Webmasters

Dear Webmaster,

We are pleased to welcome you you our pages and hope you have a pleasant and informative stay.

As there are an increasing number of sites linking to our pages we have decided to set up a set of "Rules" on how to link to our content. We hope that you will understand this measure, but past experiences proved that not all webmasters are willing to adhere to generally accepted netiquette.

Should you wish to link to the content created by us from one of the pages/sites administered by you, this should not be a problem, so long as you are prepared to follow the rules below.

  1. General:

    1. Prior to setting up/publishing a link to our content we request a notification email. This notification must contain the following details.
    • Full internet address and title of the entry page of the linking site.
    • Full internet address and title of the page containing the link.
    • Full name and address of the person responsible for the linking page, including phone, fax and email address.
      • The act of sending the above email does not constitute our consent to the act of linking. You will receive an email either consenting or declining your request once the site has been evaluated (usually within 24 hours).
    1. Should you offer pornographic, racist, violent or any otherwise illegal content, save yourself the effort, you do not stand a chance in a million of receiving our consent.


  1. Which pages may you link to?

    1. Links must in all cases be to a file called "INDEX.HTML" (in most folders you will find such a file for this purpose).
    2. Folders lacking such a file, you must link to such a file in the next higher level of folders, unless otherwise stipulated in the section "Exceptions".


  1. Exceptions:

    1. Exceptions to the conditions previously mentioned apply to the following sections of our content.
    • Pages below the folder (Jacqueline Sennes Africa Homepage) may be linked to ad lib, so long as you adhere to the other rules.


  1. How to display the pages linked to?

    1. Displaying content from our site via a link created/published by you must be in a new browser window.
    2. The new browser window must be the standard browser window as defined be the browser manufacturer. You may not utilise JavaScript and/or any other method reducing and/or altering the browsers functionality (PopUp).
    3. You are not permitted to display/integrate graphics or pictures directly from any of the folders on our website, but must display the entire HTML page.


  1. Final Remarks:

    1. Creating/Publishing any other type of link not mentioned herein, is generally prohibited. Should you wish to create/publish such a link, please notify us by email accordingly. We will get in touch with you.

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